Services – Domestic Cleaning

Domestic Cleaning

Evergreen offers you a wide range of Domestic Cleaning services:

One-Time Cleaning

Recurring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Moving House Cleaning

Special Cleaning

Standard Tasks

Surface Cleaning

Dusting or wiping of furniture, table and surface tops, and tidying up of beds

Toilet Washing

Wiping and polishing of mirror, washing and disinfecting of basin, bathtub and toilet bowl, floors and walls


Vacuum or sweeping and mopping of all the floors within the household

Kitchen Cleaning

Wiping of stove top, kitchen, walls, cabinets doors, appliances surface and sink, and cleaning of rubbish

Suggested Hours for Cleaning

< 600 sq ft

3.0 Hours

601 to 806 sq ft

3.5 Hours

807 to 1130 sq ft

4.0 Hours

1131 to 1399 sq ft

4.5 Hours

Please Note:
1. The suggested cleaning duration is only an indicative guideline based on the average time required to clean a house of the similar size.
2. Additional hours may be required subjected to additional tasks and house conditions.
3. Minimum cleaning duration of 3 hours per session applies
4. Customer to provide all cleaning materials and equipment needed for the required service

Excluded Tasks

NO Moving of Object more than 5kg
NO Ceiling Fan and Lights Cleaning
NO Oven and Fridge Cleaning
NO Pets or Related Cleaning
NO Laundry or Curtain Washing
NO Air Conditioner Cleaning

Do understand that we reserve the right to turn down service if there are unforeseen circumstances that may make our helpers uncomfortable or put them in harm’s way. As much as we would like to please every one of our customers, our helper’s well-being is of utmost priority and we sincerely apologize if we are not able to service you due to unforeseen reason that are not mentioned above.