• Hanna Theseira

    Property Officer, The Sail @ Marina Bay

    On behalf of The Sail team, I would like to take the time to thank and commend the efforts of the housekeeping team for their initiative and efficiency. On 10th December 2015, we experienced a heavy downpour that created a few obstacles of rain water flooding common corridors. One at level 69 of tower 1 and another at level 3 of tower 2. First response team to facilitate the gush of water were the staff from Evergreen Housekeeping team. They notified us immediately and we went up to see that the team had everything under control. The swift response of the cleaners had prevented what could have possibly been a worst situation. We were then notified of another “flooding” at level 3 tower 2 and found that another team was already there working on solving the issue. Everything was done swiftly and precisely hence, nothing was damaged or destroyed by the water.

    I would like to personally thank the support given by the team inclusive of Thiru, Rajesh, Pari Malam, Mani and Kunalan and everyone who I may have missed out during the commotion. We would like to thank the entire housekeeping team on being dependable, self-efficient and initiated. Looking forward to working together and striving for a better 2016 !

    Thank you for all the support and services to the Sail. Here’s wishing you all the best in everything that you do!

  • Laurence Chen

    Condominium General Manager, Double Bay Residences

    The Annual General Meeting for Double Bay Residences (MCST 3804) was held on 7 November 2015. At the AGM the Chairman, Mr. Allan Foo had announced amongst others that the Management Team had done a good job in maintaining the assets of this estate and in serving the Residents well. As a result of your partnership with us and your teams' good performance we had achieved good results for the financial year 2014 / 2015. There was almost no adverse feedback from the general body at this AGM. The meeting concluded smoothly and promptly.

    This is my heartfelt thanks to you M/s. Evergreen Refuse Disposal and Cleaning Services Pte Ltd as one of the partners of the management Team, without your teams' dedication and professional service on the job, prompt response to Residents' needs carrying out regular / scheduled cleaning of your team, attending to council's needs, and most importantly teamwork, etc., we would not have received this commendable results.

    Once again on behalf of the Management Council, we congratulate and thank you for your good performance. Let us continue to work together as partners for the coming financial year!


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